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美德茗茶 纯自天然 香在韵味 贵在信誉



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"红巴士"的南洋咖啡粉是采自各国的咖啡豆。主要是来自南美洲、非洲、越南等等。品种有Arabica, Robusta, Liberica, Excelsa。经传统的碳炒法从而炒出南洋独特的风味和香气。



更香 更浓 更好喝 老板再来一杯


Sin May Teck was founded in 1994. We are an established import and export company that specializes in producing Chinese tea, Ceylon tea powder, and Hainanese coffee.


| Chinese Tea |

Sin May Teck sources high-quality tea leaves directly from China, which are then processed via our in-house roasting facilities to craft a tea that has a rich colour, aroma, and full-bodied flavour. We offer different packaging options, such as aluminium foil and tea bag packaging, and wholesale options for major restaurants and hotels.


Our Chinese tea tagline is:

May Teck Tea is pure and natural.

Our tea's flavour lies in its aroma.

Our company's value lies in our reputation.


| Red2Express Ceylon Tea Powder |

Red2Express Ceylon tea powder is renowned as the cleanest black tea in the world, without any added colorings or fragrances. It has a silky smooth texture and a rich and aromatic taste. 

Mr Gan, the founder of Sin May Teck, has 30 years of experience in blending Ceylon tea powder, creating a unique and exquisite flavour. 

Our Red2Express Ceylon tea powder is produced from tea handpicked from top-tier tea gardens around the world. Our tea powders are blended with a unique recipe to produce excellent flavour and aroma, gaining recognition and acclamation in the market. 


| Red2Express Hainanese Coffee Powder |

Our Red2Express Hainanese coffee powder is made from coffee beans from various countries,

mainly South America, Africa, Vietnam, Indonesia, and other region. Our varieties include Arabica, Robusta, Liberica, and Excelsa. 

We also use the traditional charcoal roasting method to enhance Southeast Asia's distinctive flavour and aroma and make it very delicious and memorable.


Our Hainanese Coffee Powder tagline is: 

"More fragrant, richer, and more delicious."

"Boss, another cup, please!"


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